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Voss - built for strong experiences
Are you ready to join the adventure?

Our village is full of extreme contrasts. The idea that it is nature, culture or sport that is closest to your heart, promises to make it pump. At Voss you are greeted by a living rural community with a variety of experiences to choose from.

Get out of a plane many thousands of feet above the ground. Know the river's powerful powers from a rafting boat. Float above the ground in the climbing park. Fly like a bird in wind tunnel. Dancing down the mountain side in powder. Let nature take your breath away, and visit one of our many mountain peaks. They are waiting for you.

Or rather find peace. Travel several hundred years eighteen in time on Mølstertunet, Finnesloftet or in Vangskyrkja. Glefs in you a wonderful narrow-gauge with fresh vossabrygg atåt. Explore rural communities around Voss, and even come closer to the local culture.

Welcome to the playpen Voss. 


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